ctmag is back!

What a relief. I was starting to go into withdrawal. I discovered on Friday afternoon that I could access the Christianity Today main page, but got a "cannot find server" error at www.ChristianityToday.com/ctmag. Same problem yesterday. But today they've got it fixed, albeit with no new weblog, due to "technical difficulties."

Ted Olsen's weblog was the first, and for years the only, weblog I read, and I still feel a smidge of disloyalty at having expanded my repertoire recently. I read it religiously. More religiously, I'm afraid, than I read the Bible. A couple years ago I gave it up for Lent. As soon as Easter rolled around, I was trolling the archives to catch up on what I had missed.

The weird thing is how much it throws off the rhythm of my day not to be able to read one of my favorite pages. I sit here at the computer sadly hitting "reload," even though I know the page is not coming. "Just go and do something else," I tell myself, "it's just a diversion." But I don't WANT to do something else. It's like having your mouth all set for one thing and getting served another (which also happened to me this weekend, but that's neither here nor there).

So you could say I'm a little bit dependent. I'll just say, it's good to have you back, Ted.


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