Here goes nothing

So I've been puttering around with this blogging idea for over a year now, and writing lengthy notes to self about design and scope, and maintaining an ever-growing list of ideas for posts, and researching various hosting platforms, and forgetting everything I learned in the process of that research and landing back at Blogger after all, and I've finally realized that I'm taking the whole project far too seriously. And I've noticed that most blogs just start from nowhere. They're foundationless -- no elaborate philosophical statements justifying their existence or explaining what they're all about, just first posts that aren't all that much different from any that come later. They start in the middle. Call it an experiment in Heideggerian thrownness.

But I've never been the sort to just jump in feet first without testing the waters first. Or at least commenting on the fact that I'm jumping in feet first. Here I go...


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