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Whatever you do, please don't buy What to Expect When You're Expecting new at your local Barnes & Noble, or whatever establishment gets the best of your book-buying dollar.

As a matter of fact, please don't buy What to Expect at all. It might better be titled What to Get Paranoid About that Would Never in a Million Years Have Crossed Your Mind if You Hadn't Picked Up This Book, As If Parenting Weren't Worry-Inducing Enough on its Own. Or so I've heard. I haven't actually read the book; I've just heard it abused by people I trust. So, I'm not going to read it, and that should be good enough reason for you to avoid it, as well. ;)

But if you must get it, hie thee to thy friendly neighborhood Salvation Army/Goodwill/PTA/ whatever charitable organization in your community has a thrift store, and buy a copy there for 50 cents. I swear I've seen it on the shelves of at least 90 % of the thrift stores I've been in in the last six months. And since thrift shopping is my favorite hobby, that's a lot of thrift stores.

No, I'm not expecting; I'm not anywhere close to it -- but it seems I am surrounded by people who are, or who were, but are now done expecting and busy not sleeping. I've just been noticing that book around. A lot.


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