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Emily is a veritable wellspring of interNetwork information. Jen has a thoughtful blog about evangelism called "Beautiful Feet," which is worth visiting and joining the conversation.

I've also added a few more miscellaneous cool people whom God has graciously brought across my path in the course of my life. And I've disabled the letter-recognition test for posting comments, since it seemed redundant with anonymous comments barred. You still have to register with Blogger to comment, but now at least you don't have to sign in and copy text every time. If I weren't so paranoid, I would enable the letter-recognition screen and allow anonymous comments.

After months of minimal activity, I've been spurred into a flurry of blogging lately by interacting with other bloggers. I've decided that blog-surfing and updating is a more productive activity to engage over my morning cup of coffee than the mindless computer games that have been the staple of my morning routine. But I make no pledge to post on any particular basis, or to comment or respond to comments in anything like a timely manner.


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