It's a wide world ... or maybe a small one

Gee, this going public thing is starting to make my head spin. I posted a comment this morning on David and Sarah's blog, which I'm guessing is how Emily discovered my blog, because she then commented on mine. (I had already discovered Emily's blog, and through hers Leslie's, via Finkibus, but had been lurking without making my presence known.)

And then this afternoon, I discovered on Brian's blog a comment from Sarah (whom I did not know had a blog and whom I had not informed of mine) which appears to be in response to a comment that he left on my blog some time ago. Hmm. Are the Finks again the common denominator?

Alright, so how many of us in Blacknall PCF are blogging? And how many of us are using them RIGHT NOW to procrastinate from the work we really should be doing? Whom am I missing? Calling all bloggers to out your friends, so that I can have a more complete list! See, this is exactly what I meant by blogs being a fun means of fostering connections within real life communities. I'm happy that my cyber network is expanding.


Sarah said...

*raising her hand sheepishly*

David and Sarah said...

Well. I only started posting links to friends with blogs about a day or so ago. I had noticed that some friends had included links to our blog, and I only thought it gentile to return the favor. Besides, if you're going to blog, don't you want people to read it? As for procrastination, yes: I'm supposed to be working on my paper right now. I found a great passage in Peter Lombard which is germaine to my argument. I thought I might just paste the whole paragraph in Latin from the online PL into my paper, but this is probably tacky. So I'm translating it. Peter's Latin is easy, but he (mis-)quotes some stuff from Augustine that is making me reach for the Oxford Latin Dictionary with some regularity. Thus, my arms are getting tired fast. Good excuse to blog--look how much time I've wasted already!

Rachel said...

I'm ambivalent about whether I really want people to read it. If people read my blog, they might leave comments that COMPLETELY FREAK ME OUT, or else that use the word "gentile" in ways with which I am not familiar and thus confuse me a bit.

My fundamental problem is that I have a pathological need for people to LIKE me. On the one hand, people can't really like me if they don't know me. But then, if they really get to know me, they might not like me. "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt."

Emilie J said...

i don't know what i'd rather have - lurking friends or lurking strangers. for me it's funny to be developing a durham online community, since back at michigan nearly all of my friends were connected via xangas or facebook. i'm open to it, in any case, since there certainly are new things that you learn about people through their online musings/whims/reflections.

Emilie J said...

Also see for updates on, what else, Steve and Laura.

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