Thanksgiving comes early in Philadelphia

I'm back from the AAR/SBL annual meeting, and it was every bit as worthwhile as I had hoped.

I spent most of today beset with a strong urge to cry, which was a bit puzzling, since I hadn't experienced anything distressing, and I had remembered to take my pills.

Eventually I pieced it together that the tears that kept trying to spill over where probably 1 part hormones, 3 parts sheer exhaustion, and 2 parts unspeakable gratitude. The weekend had been packed with meet-ups with dear friends with whom I had been woefully out of touch for the two years since I last attended the big dance, and I'm just bowled over by how blessed I am to have these incredible people in my life, and to have their concern and affection and approval.

Three days of such intensity are overwhelming for a highly sensitive introvert like me, but oh, so worth it. The prayer that kept coming unbidden to my racing mind was "Thank You Thank You Thank You."

Now I must sleep.


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