Things that make you go Huh?

Brian ... Italian ... makes sense.
Jacqueline ... Swedish ... makes sense.
Sarah ... French ... makes beaucoup sense.
Laura ... Swedish ... makes sense.
Steve ... Irish ... makes sense.

But this?

Your Inner European is Italian!

Passionate and colorful.
You show the world what culture really is.

Me? Italian? Huh?

Maybe I'm having a knee-jerk reaction against this diagnosis because my limited experience with the nation of Italy brings back general associations of dirty, smoky, rude, and incompetent people. (No, that's not why I think Brian as an Italian makes sense -- I more had the sense of style thing in mind when I said that. Which just goes to show how my mind works -- I apply the negative interpretation of anything to myself.)

I guess I can be passionate and colorful, but those words don't trip off the tongue when you try to think of adjectives for Rachel. I think I have to really trust someone before I let that side of me show.

And I'm sorry, but those heels -- no freakin' way. Boots can and do look good, but that pair just screams pain to me. (Also, now I have this scary image of Brian in high-heeled boots and a skirt. Yes, I know it was "if I were female," but still...)


David and Sarah said...

Alright! I'm Irish: "Spirited and boisterous, you drink everyone under the table!" Right on.

CyberianTygre said...

Now, when I say I would dress cyberpunk, (or I guess cybergoth), I would dress like Solange - right of center - as opposed to Jean-Luc - far right. It's the heels. I don't particularly care for thigh high boots.

CyberianTygre said...

"Rude" and "incompetent": I'll buy that. But I am not "smoky" or "dirty" (maybe a little "smelly" - I require vast quantities of Right Guard....okay, maybe that was worthy of an Overshare Penalty).

"Colorful" people like religious kitsch and tree climbing; "passionate" people like good conversation and chocolate.

Rachel said...

I don't buy "rude" or "incompetent" as labels for you. Okay, maybe a little rude by certain definitions, but rude in a nice sort of way.

And as for compentence, my dear friend, remember that we must not be held hostage by all-or-nothing ways of thinking. Just because you are not Omnicompetent, it does not follow that you are therefore Incompetent. There are many shades of gray in between. I think that a more appropriate classification would be highly competent. Not omni, indeed, but with a considerable margin separating you from minimally competent, which is still different from incompetent.

Now, go be competent all over those prelim exams.

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