How did I miss this?

Opening in limited release January 20. Confirmed showings at Southpoint Cinemas in Durham, among other places.

After all the hoopla over The Passion of the Christ and then Narnia, I'm amazed this film managed to slip past my radar screen until I overheard my father say something on the phone last week about "watching five missionaries being killed." What kind of Wheaton College alumna / Christianity Today junkie am I to have not heard that this was coming down the pike?!?!

Dad's wondering: How will a movie on this story play to a pop culture in which missionaries are almost unfailingly the "bad guys"? Could good cinematic storytelling rehabilitate the un-PC image of Christian missions?

I'm wondering: This is a film about forgiveness. Munich is a film about vengeance. What might we see by seeing these movies in conversation with each other?


Sarah said...

*Very* interesting. The movie, and all your wonderings.

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