Mark your calendars

Sarah has threatened to stop being my friend if I don't share my library sale knowledge, which is a fate I can not abide. So: here's the scoop from the e-mail I recently recieved from the Friends of the Pittsboro Memorial Library.


10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Kiwanis Building, 309 Credle Street, Pittsboro, North Carolina. (I would link to directions, but both MapQuest and MapBlast think this address doesn't exist. They're wrong; it does; I've been there. So just head to Pittsboro and look for the signs.)

Thurs., March 30: Best Selection
Fri., March 31: Half-Price Day
Sat., April 1 (no fooling): $5 Bag Day

"50 cents - $2.00 for paperbacks; $3.00 for most hardcovers; collectible books – special price. (Cash and checks are welcome. Sorry, but we can't take credit or debit cards.) All proceeds from the sale benefit the library and this is an all volunteer event."

While in the neighborhood, check out the Chatham PTA thrift shops at their two locations, the Cole Park Plaza at 11500 US 15 501, and 50 W Salisbury St in downtown Pittsboro; and the Chatham Habitat for Humanity Home Store at 467 West Street. Also fun to visit, but not an excellent source for cheap second-hand books, is Beggars & Choosers Antiques.

If you don't want to wait that long or drive that far, the closest/soonest library sale I know about is the Friends of the Chapel Hill Library sale on Feb. 24-26. Friends of the Durham Library don't have a sale scheduled until April 7-9.


Sarah said...

Oh, thank goodness. Uh, I mean, thank-you, Rachel.
Now I've got a chance at a decent showing next Homeschooling Mommies Meeting.
Whenever that is.

CyberianTygre said...

Plenty of time to wrap the coins filling my piggy bank in bibliophilic preparation.

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