Maybe I was wrong about Ann Taylor

Gee. A couple of years ago, when my friends where shopping for ordination clothes, Ann Taylor seemed to be the place to go. And my own limited assortment of Ann Taylor clothing (all purchased second-hand, and therefore several seasons old) seems to me to make up some of the highlights of my professional wardrobe, such as it is.

But I stuck my head in the door of both Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft while wandering the mall the other day waiting for my automotive work to be completed at the Sears down the street, and I was struck by an array of clothing that seemed more appropriate for tarts than for vicars. Not all of it, of course, but enough to make sense of the idea that someone could have a closet full of Ann Taylor and nothing to wear to church. Sigh. Let's hope that it's just the summer collection.

And on the subject of malls, what did we ever see in them? I remember being a teenager, and the MALL being just about the center of the universe, even though I hardly ever had any money to spend there. Now, granted, my window shopping enthusiasm was curbed this time by the awareness of the fat bill that was waiting for me back at the auto shop, but still -- it was so d**n boring. Where's the fun of off-the-rack fashion and cookie-cutter cosmetics? I still enjoy shopping, but can't imagine finding anything interesting in a mega-mall. Shopping the discounters and charity shops is much more fun. And, from the look of things, a more reliable way to assemble a decent wardrobe.


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