Recovering from my vacation

A lot has happened in the last two weeks.

We successfully married off the youngsters and dispatched them to the Bahamas for their honeymoon.

My car smoothly navigated the trek through North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Alabama, Florida, Alabama, Florida, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, SC, and back to NC. Its occupants were somewhat more harried by long hours on the road and the occasional traffic snarl and inadequate signage, but ultimately appear no worse for the wear.

The hip flask went untouched, and so the new inlaws remain unscandalized. (So far.) I discovered that wandering around snapping pictures is a good way to keep yourself busy at a reception, while avoiding getting herded into other people's pictures too much. Maybe someday I'll post a few.

We (that would be my parents and I) staved off post-wedding letdown by getting together with good friends who just happened to be vacationing in the same area the same week. Usually, they live on another continent, so meeting up is sometimes challenging.

The cat I was tending for five days upon my return to Durham did not die under my care. (No, pets do not routinely die under my care. [The same can't always be said for plants.] But this cat was nursing an ugly infection, so I was a wee bit nervous for her well-being. Also, I was going to be irritated if I went through all the hassle of treating her wounds and she died anyway.)

My birthday came and went without major incident and with low-key but pleasant celebration, spread out over several days.

My parents did not miss the plane home. (At least, not that I know of.)

My therapist is so going to earn her keep tomorrow.


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