Who is that Blue Monkey?

In answer to Cyberian Tygre: New roommate. Not at the expense of Old Roommate, of course; Blue Monkey doesn't contribute his share of the rent. Indeed, it cost me money to have Blue Monkey move in. But then again, he doesn't take up much space. And he has yet to leave dirty dishes piled in the kitchen, unlike yours truly.

Here is Blue Monkey with new comrade, Clive the Friendly Turtle. Clive was originally just "Friendly Turtle," but after living with me for a while, he told me his real name. (Yes, inanimate objects speak to me. I never claimed sanity, did I?) Anybody want to help me find the real name of Blue Monkey? Suggestions welcome.

I think part of why Blue Monkey wanted to come and live with me was that I assumed the assignment of finding a toy monkey to use in the decorations for my brother and sister-in-law's wedding reception. I thought this would be a simple task. It wasn't. But I did finally succeed. So when, a week or so later, Blue Monkey cheerfully greeted me from the clearance bin at the Goodwill, I recognized him for what he was: not a discarded toy, but a rare and meaningful find. He had me from "Hello."

Actually, it was just "Hi." Posted by Picasa


Sarah said...

Well, this might be a little discombobulating, but . . .

I think he's a she, and I think her name is Dorothy. She's Clive's friend from the Inklings. If you find a red velvet bunny, his name's John.

(Hey--did you notice the dedication in Screwtape? Never saw that before.)

Rachel said...

Female, huh?

I can see that as a definite possibility. I suppose I shouldn't have forclosed half of the naming possibilities by presuming to know Blue Monkey's gender. I have apologized to her/him.

But I've got to wait and see if "Dorothy" takes. For some weird reason, when I read "Dorothy," I thought of Dorothy Parker, and Blue Monkey is certainly not a Dorothy Parker type. But I can see her as a Dorothy Sayers type. We'll see...

Any other nominations?

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