Friday Five Fairly Simple

Every Friday, the gals over at RevGalBlogPals post a five-part meme. This week's question is: Name five things you have enjoyed this week.

That is fairly simple. Even when you've had a rocky week. So, here goes:

1) Susan Olson's essay on clergy blogging in the Christian Century (the article itself does not seem to be available as free online content at the moment), which introduced me to the RGBPs and their signature t-shirt, "Does this pulpit make my butt look big?"

2) This sentence: "Ooh, our son's going to marry the president?" Steve ROCKS.

2.5) Extra bonus enjoyment sentence from another brilliant McMullen, circa the middle of last month: "...most people don't want to really ever HEAR the word "ovulate" much less know that you know when it last happened to you." Laura ROCKS too. So they make a good couple. And the baby is going to ROCK(-a-bye).

3) Sam Wells' sermon on scholarship and discipleship at GCF this evening. I have heard many, many good sermons in my life, but "enjoy" still isn't usually the word I would pick to describe the homiletic experience. (I enjoy preaching, yes, but I have an awfully short attention span for other people's preaching -- even other people's excellent preaching.) I was so engaged by this particular exposition and exhortation, though, that it really was a joy to hear.

4) Wandering around Whole Foods just before dinnertime taking in the free samples. (I even ended up buying some of the products I sampled -- I don't know if I've ever done that before.)

5) Having walked. (Unfortunately, I didn't particularly enjoy the walking itself. The fact that I was depressed and it was pouring rain probably had something to do with it. But I did feel better for having walked.)


Cathy said...

perhaps you should join RGBP - are you interested?

Songbird said...

We're glad you found us! Hope you'll think of joining.

Sally said...

Hi Rachel- good to see you participating in the Friday 5- hope you will join us

Swandive said...


revabi said...

Hi Rachel,
You rock.
And congrats to the kids.
So glad you found us, and dove right in!
I love your description of enjoying a sermon.

Sue said...

Hi Rachel,
Great Friday Five!!

PPB said...

Oh those free samples....I wish I lived near a whole foods again!

St. Casserole said...

Hey Rachel!

btw, our butts do not look big in pulpits. Informal research indicates that belonging to the RevGals makes butts look tiny.

Marie said...

St. Cass is right. My butt shrank right away when I became an RGBP. [Looks for butt, in manner of dog chasing tail.] Thanks for playing. Join us, do.

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