My printer works!

I spent two weeks thinking I was going to have to replace my printer, because I just woke up one morning and the thing was dead. I checked the connections and scoured the owner's manual for reset instructions, but no dice. So I started comparison shopping for a replacement.

Of course they don't sell the same model that I have off the shelf anymore. Which would mean having to buy a whole different set of ink cartridges, which of course is where they really nail you on price. I was planning on eBaying my unused ink cartridges to offset the cost of the new printer. But first, I checked the connections one last time ...

... and found the loose wire. Plug it back in, and eureka! The printer was only hibernating!

Which means I can spend the money that I would have spent on a new printer on this instead.

I feel just a wee bit ridiculous spending that kind of money on that kind of product. But hey, it's cheaper than a gym membership. And more fun.

I just hope that it has the Silly Song Extended Dance Remix.

Anybody up for a VeggieTales Dance Party?


CyberianTygre said...

Hey, don't try to pull the wool over our eyes - you already have a gym membership!

Sarah said...

Oh, oh, oh!! Only if it has the Leeks singing the Daniel song.

"We could use him as a footstool or a table to play Scrabble on, or tie him up and beat him up and throw him outta Babylon!"

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