Rage, rage against the dying of the light

I used my extra hour this morning to go blonde.

I was trying to go for platinum blonde, but ya know, it's actually kinda hard these days to find a peroxide-based home hair bleaching kit in your local drugstore, and these kinder, gentler hair treatments can't quite deliver on my medium-brown base tone, so strawberry blonde it is. But definitely blonde. I rather like the way it brings out the natural red tones in my hair, without being garishly orange. (Orange is not a good color for me. Fall leaves, yes. My head, no.)

It's weird to see how different I look with blonde hair, because I still haven't really gotten used to the idea of myself as a brunette. After all, I only see myself for a few minutes a day, so the color of my own hair is not something I pay close attention to. I was a tow-headed little girl, and although my hair has been darkening by the decade, those childhood self-descriptions don't fade easily. Makes me wonder about the lasting effects of a highly sensitive child internalizing an identity less innocuous than "blonde."

Anyway. The hair change is a symbolic protest against the darkening days of winter. Yes, I know, it's irrational to protest the length of available sunlight. I can't do anything about it, other than move closer to the equator (or, I suppose, alternate seasons between the arctic and the antarctic). But to steel myself against the onset of SAD, I'm taking what little steps I can to add brightness and color to my daily life, whether by waltzing with tomatoes or by turning my hair a color that might have come out of a box of crayons.


CyberianTygre said...

Speaking of which, a box of crayons and drawing/coloring with them might also help with SAD. Make your own bright and cheery refrigerator art, and get the benefit of feeling bright and cheery when you make it and look at it. My personal favorite: the picture of green grass on the bottom, a strip of blue on top to represent the sky, a round disk of yellow for the sun in one upper corner, and a brown "Y" of a tree trunk crowned in a bushy ciricle of green (black disk in center of trunk optiona). I drew this "landscape" a lot as a child. Is a archetypical - does everyone draw it - or am I atypical?

Mz B said...

Hats of to you! It is a brilliant idea to protest against the dark season by colouring your hair. I almost regret now that I went in the other direction (blond to brunette) just a few weeks ago. I protests by, buying comfy blankets to curl up under, drinking a lot of tasty tea, lighting candles, kicking autumn leaves when walking to work, taking late morning starts, getting new nice clothes (lots of knitted things, tights, skirts and scarfs). Now I only need to get myself a boyfriend that I can curl up under the blanks with on the sofa listening to the rain beating against the windows.

I kinda like this season, when you can be indoors. I hate it in when you have to go out. And the darkness... it is difficult to apprechiate.. I kinda was thinking I was going to turn Goth this season, and pretend I like the darkness... only come out at night and so on, but well the goth look I can get down rather convincingly, but the darkness makes me want to go in to hibernation. Should perhaps eat a lot of berries, and hide somewhere...

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