Good news for disenchanted doctorate seekers

This link came yesterday from my mom. (Or maybe it was my dad. They have the same e-mail address, and there was no personal message included. But I'm guessing Mom, because I most recently discussed my career prospects, or lack thereof, with her after Dad got off the line.)

I saw the headline and thought, "I don't think I want to read this." But it's actually a refreshing change from all the dire "anyone who's smart enough to get a Ph.D. ought to be smart enough to recognize that it's against their economic interests to do so" warnings we get when we decide to spend the first quarter of our careers as impoverished students.

See if you can guess before reading the rest of the article which two of the six "myths" listed are in fact true. I got one right, and was pleasantly surprised on the second count.


Preacher Woman from Minnesota said...

Hi Rachel and welcome to the RevGals. I'll be the first to answer your question about cell phones. When I first started at my current parish I published my cell phone pretty liberally and came to regret it. Now I've scaled back. I do have it listed on a recipe sized notecard near the secretary's desk if someone has an urgent need. I gave it to all the confirmation families when I took the kids on a weekend retreat. When people call me on it I try to have a very brief time on the phone - if they want to talk ad nauseum I suggest we talk on a conventional phone or face to face. There's my answer....and once again - welcome!

Shawna Renee said...

Welcome to RevGals!

Alex said...

Great article for doctoral students... I will be forwarding that one to my dh! :)

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