Attitude Adjustment

Can I just say that YouTube rocks?

The Birmingham Complaint Choir was featured on the BBC this morning. I enjoyed the short clip they played, so I went hunting for the full performance.

I think complaints should always be sung. In a style of music appropriate to their severity: a good minor-key lament for serious problems, an upbeat ditty for things that just need to be gotten out of one's system.

The chagrin-inducing piece of the song is that it really did ruin my day yesterday when my computer was taking so d**n long.

(Actually, what ruined my day was that my hot water heater went kaput. AGAIN. Never mind that the overwhelming majority of humanity has not been able to get hot water at the touch of a tap; I consider it a fundamental human right. Also, fast computers. With always-on internet connections....)

For similar effect, Weird Al Yankovic's song "Why Does This Always Happen to Me?" is also worthy of attention.


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