Christmas project

Now on my to do list for the holidays: teach Dad to blog.

Not that he couldn't figure it out for himself, but the likelihood of him taking the time to do so is close to nil. A simple matter of a lot of other things being higher on the priority list. Whereas if I corner him into sitting through one walk-through, he'll know everything he needs to know to get on the bandwagon.

Not that I'm expecting Dad to get into blogging (although I am hoping to talk Brother and SIL into creating a cyber-presence, assuming that their Africa online connection is adequate to handle photo uploads). But Dad needs to learn to blog before the next time his dad comes to visit, because Grandpa now has a blog of his own, courtesy my uncle. But Grandpa needs his kids to actually manage the thing. So I have decided that it's time for my father to join the blogging revolution.


Jim Maxson said...

I will second that motion, Rachel, thanks for commenting on Poppy's News. I read your post to him after dinner tonight. btw, this is uncle Rick--even though it says "Jim." Three cheers for virtual reality!

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