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When you add in alternate spellings, there are 11 people with my name in the U.S.A. My spelling is the most common, in spite of all the people who mess it up.

At least one of the other four people with my first and last names also has my same middle name and birth year. I discovered her when trying to google myself.

This total presumably does not include my aunt, whose maiden name was the same as my name now, but who changed her name when she married. She is, according to this program, the only person in the U.S.A. with her present name.

There are 71 people in the U.S.A. with the name shared by my grandfather, father, and cousin. There are 3, 5, and 51 people, respectively, with the names that those relatives of mine actually go by.

Like me, my mother is one of 5 people in the country with her name. There are 14 people with her maiden name.

My sister-in-law has a unique name, because her first name has an unusual spelling. If her parents had chosen a more conventional spelling, she would have been one of 61 people with her given name.

My brother was one of 57 people with his given name. If he had taken his bride's last name at marriage, he would be one of a whopping 5,585 people with that name. Since they chose to combine names, however, they now both have unique names. (That is, as of 1990. But as of 1990, neither of them had those names, either...)

Of course, none of these numbers mean anything real. That is, they are calculations based on the relative frequency of first and last names in the 1990 census data, not a count of actual human beings who have these names. It's still an amusing diversion to run the numbers, though.

(There are 122 people in the U.S. with CyberianTygre's first and last names. There is only one Cyberian Tygre.)

(Okay. I'm stopping now. Really.)


Peter Onigan said...

I was told there are 0 people with my name. How should I take that?

Rachel said...

It means that you are a very special person. Who is doomed to always have his name spelled incorrectly.

Peter Onigan said...

I'm too lazy to track down your previous post on pomegranates, but in case you're still interested in finding out why they emerged from oblivion to appear on your grocery store shelves, the Boston Globe just published an article looking into it.

danedy said...

There are 37 of me, though I don't quite believe it. But I suspect it would be less if I went by danedy.

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