Up past my bedtime

There is too much heavy stuff going on in the world, so I'm going to ramble about inconsequential minutia.

When you find yourself experiencing existential distress over the grammatical anomalies of the adjective hekastos ("each") in Philippians 2:4, it's time to pack it in.

I'm not alone in finding this puzzling; there are textual variants to prove it. Although they tend to introduce new conundrums.

Hmm. I already feel better, because I got to use the word "conundrums."


This weekend, I finally won a round on the RevGalBlogPals' Trivia Challenge. It was a particularly challenging, or obscure, quiz, because I won with 7 right answers out of 10, and you usually have to get 10 out of 10, or at least 9, to win. You also have to be faster than I usually am.

I didn't know half of the answers I got right. So I won with a bunch of lucky guesses.

So I generally don't play the quiz to win, but to collect "Fun Bucks." With my fictional fun bucks, I have already won a fictional book tree:

I am now saving up for an aircraft carrier. Or maybe a UFO.

Good night.


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