mundane Easter musings

I reminisced about the frigid Easters of my early childhood on my grandfather's blog this morning. We're having another one of those here this year. And I thought I was moving to the South, where you don't have to wait until the week before summer for spring to begin. I still need to go through my closet to find a suitable outfit for tonight's and tomorrow's celebrations, since my earlier plan of wearing my favorite spring dress just ain't gonna work.

In other news...

I was struck by the newspaper advertisement for this exhibition this week, especially the last sentence: "Open Easter Sunday!"

Really? Is that what you want to do on Resurrection Day, wander around an exhibition of plastinated partially-dissected human corpses?

Maybe so. When I was in high school, the human anatomy field trip to Southern Oregon University to look at their cadavers coincided with a week in which I was reading a book that really brought home to me the significance of the resurrection. The juxtaposition made both the reading and the viewing all the more powerful. I spent most of the hour-long bus ride back to Mazama High School singing Easter hymns to myself.

Still, I don't think BODIES: The Exhibition will be part of my triduum observation this year.

I wonder what readers the promoters had in mind when they included that sentence in the ad.


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