You historians are amazing

I just spent the day in the Yale Divinity School archives, pawing through boxes of material for a project on the student missions movement in the mid-20th century. I got a ton of good material. Unfortunately, I now must put it on the back burner until the other side of prelims, because I have more pressing issues demanding my attention.

I am in awe of all my historian friends who make short, intense research trips to various provincial archives far from home and devote days on end to gathering the raw data that will work its way into months' worth of analysis and writing. Just one day's worth of that kind of work has left me physically and mentally exhausted. Phew!

So I'll now break for the pleasant change-of-pace of dinner with a long-lost (well, I was the lost one) friend, get a good night's sleep, and head homeward in the morning.


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