Inauspicious beginnings

Woke up this morning at a normal time, then fell back asleep, only to wake again three hours later from an exhausting dream in which the entire staff of a Dairy Queen, including two managers, was utterly unable to properly fill my order for a large strawberry milkshake. They kept coming back with cups of watery orange juice, as I got angrier and angrier. I'm pretty sure my subconscious is trying to process something that has nothing to do with ice cream, but I won't indulge in the self-analysis here. Suffice to say that I got a late start on the day and was more tired than if I had gotten out of bed the first time. Grr.

Then, while watering my plants on the back stoop, I discovered a drowned mouse floating in the rain bucket that I've been neglecting to empty for some weeks. (I was planning to be a good water consumer and use rainwater to water my plants, but I ended up just letting it sit and grow gross.) I was just looking down at it, thinking, I really should dump that before it becomes a breeding colony for mosquitoes. It took several seconds before the dead animal registered. Eww!

Can I have a do-over on this morning?


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