Another little thing I'm looking forward to --

JKR has said that Victor Krum will make another appearance before the series ends. She said this a couple of books ago, but he still hasn't turned up since the tri-wizard tournament. Which means that now's the time.

I'm going to have fun watching the reprise of the the Victor-Hermione-Ron love triangle from volume four. I can well imagine it being a source of some comic relief in an intense story. I can't help feeling sorry for everyone involved -- triangles may be fun to read, but they're not fun to be in. There's no way a 17-year-old Ron is going to feel very secure knowing that an internationally famous athlete is pining for his girl. And poor Victor's always felt more strongly for Hermione than she for him. She's too perceptive and too decent to have intentionally led him on, but she has kept in touch, so he may be in a for a painful disappointment. And I don't envy Hermione having to navigate that emotional terrain.

But I do take a fair bit of personal pleasure in the idea of the bookish, scrupulous, not-especially-pretty girl winning the affection of both the super-star and the best friend. You go girl!


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