I don't have Harry Potter fever, but I am a pedantic stickler for details

Believe it or not, I am not so rabid a fan that I can be classified as having HP fever -- at least not according to the diagnostic criteria from this article. I only check out on one of the seven symptoms, and even that is debatable -- the only way I could have read the books more times than Hermione has aced a test is if you count all the times that I've fallen asleep listening to the audiobooks as "reading," which I'm not sure you should.

But I've got to say -- where does the Today Show get off nominating this Spencer Reese character as ultimate fan when HE CAN'T EVEN GET BASIC SPELLS RIGHT? The first bit of evidence Reese offers for this designation is this: “I am the biggest Harry Potter fan because I mutter the word ‘Lumos’ when I cut the lights out.”

But even the casual reader of the HP books has to notice that Lumos doesn't turn lights out. Lumos, as demonstrated repeatedly throughout the series, is a rudimentary spell for generating light out of a wand tip. It makes no sense to utter a spell summoning light when you're in fact banishing light. The spell for turning out the light is Nox, i.e., night.

And he calls himself the Harry Potter teacher. Harrumph.


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