Oh, leave the poor woman alone!

Alright, maybe "poor" isn't the best choice of words to describe the wealthiest woman in Britain.

But still. Today I came across this petition drive, sponsored by major British bookseller Waterstone's (no vested interest there...), to try to convince J.K. Rowling to write more Harry Potter books.

It makes we want to start a counter-petition, for fans who want to thank Rowling for her contribution to the world of children's literature and wish her a happy retirement.

C'mon, people! She's delivered on her highly-ambitious seven-book promise, which has taken over her life beyond what she could have ever imagined when she started out on this project. It's been envisioned as a seven-part story from the outset; demanding that she just crank out more of the same denies the artistic integrity of the original project. We should be savoring literature like a fine meal, not demanding more and more like some kind of drug.

And you know what? Harry's not irreplaceable. Hogwarts is not the be-all-end-all of fictional places. Grow up! Move on! Read something else! There's a wealth of great stories out there waiting to be discovered. You want a story of adventure, heroism, and fantastic creatures? Pick up The Odyssey. Rowling is standing on the shoulders of giants, and not just Grawp.

JKR has earned a break. Let her concentrate on the last two movies. Or write a completely different book. Or never write anything ever again. She owes us nothing. She has given the world a gift.

No wonder she's said she understands why authors kill off their heroes.


danedy said...

I'm totally with you on this. Seven, after all, is a mythical number of completion. Seven is enough. And anyone who has ever gotten involved in a series that just keeps going (e.g. Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time) knows that plots that move towards resolution are much more satisfying than those that just go on and on.

I for one, am torn. I fully expect that Harry will have to be READY to die. His success will depend on that readiness. But will he be spared (a last minute reprieve somehow parallel to that of Isaac), or will he actually have to die? Can't wait to find out!

Rachel said...

Ooh! I like the idea of an Isaac-like reprieve! That could work!

Then again, there's a part of me that's now almost hoping he'll die, so we can get Sarah S. to read the books.

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