The thrift shoppe I never knew

My ears perked up at Emily's birthday party some weeks ago and I joined a conversation about thrift shops, to be informed of a charity shop I hadn't yet encountered, even though it's part of the Duke megacomplex. Unfortunately my sieve-like memory doesn't recall exactly who mentioned it, so I can't give the appropriate props.

The Nearly New Shoppe is well-hidden, around back of the massive Hock Plaza complex at 2424 Erwin St. You actually access the shop from Pratt Ave., behind the building. Parking is a little confusing, as the parking garage that is directly opposite the entrance to the shop is 100% reserved parking, and Pratt Ave. is 100% posted no parking. But if you go past the thrift shop and turn into the next parking garage, there are about a dozen spaces available for thrift shop patrons.

Nearly New is run by the Faculty Wives of Duke Medical center, which means, among other things, high-quality cast offs. Proceeds fund scholarships. Prices are great. Clothing goes on clearance for 25 cents. The book selection is pretty good. The hours are kind of weird, though, so you've got to make sure they're gonna be open before you show up.


chadwick said...

Rachel--I can bet it was my wife, Sanyin, who mentioned Nearly New, as she used to go there all the time when she was a Duke undergrad....I hope you found good stuff on your trip there! chad

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