Creation is really amazing, you know

You know what's really amazing?

RAIN. Water, just falling out of the sky like that. You don't have to go anywhere to get it, it just comes to you. You can get soaked to the bone just by standing still. Who'da thought up something like that?

(My amazement is probably magnified by the fact that we're having a drought here. Although having grown up in the west where I don't think we were ever not having a drought, I'm not especially phased by the record dry spells in the southeast.)

You know what else is amazing?

FRUIT. Can you believe that this stuff is not only delicious, it's GOOD FOR YOU? I can make a smoothie with fresh peaches and raspberries, or kiwi and blueberries, and it tastes totally decadent, but I get credit for having a nutritious meal.

Wow. Being human is a heck of a deal. And I'm noticing these things from under a veil of depression. How incredible will life seem when I'm well?


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