Yes, Jesus Loves Me

I'm sitting here throwing up links as fast as I can read. But otherwise they're going to sit moldering in my "guilt folder," so why wait?

This note in my godfather's blog was something I really need to hear, however basic it is.

Generally I would cringe at the substitution of "me" for "the world" -- it seems so individualist, so egocentric. But my temptation to individualism trends in the opposite direction -- not toward seeing myself as a special object of God's love, but toward seeing myself as somehow specially obligated to fend for myself in the world, refusing even the help and care of my Maker and Redeemer.

I tend to tear up at the very thought of someone, anyone, caring for me -- even though I am blessed with many good people who do in fact care deeply for me. I know that each of them is frail and finite, and rather than enjoying their support, I fear its end. How easily I forget that Someone cares for me who is not frail or finite, who will never leave me alone, though the whole world forsake me.


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