What I meant to say was: Hurrah! I'm (mostly) coping! And I am moving in the general direction of forward when it comes to learning to do it better and better!

What I seem to have actually said, on reflection, was: Boy! Sometimes it's just SO HARD just to COPE, much less thrive!

And you know what? Both are true.

Ultimately, of course, I want to thrive, not just cope. But you gotta crawl before you can run. It's all relative, really. Two terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad days out of seven doesn't sound like a great ratio, unless you compare that with the times when the ratio was reversed. For me, two bad days out of a week is major progress.

And it ebbs and flows, particularly if you've got a chronic disposition to depression. There are setbacks from time to time, but those do not negate the forward movements and the lessons learned.

Like exercising. It's a beautiful day again. I think I'll take a hike in the forested area behind the library.


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