Oh, To Live in South Carolina!

Finally, a presidential candidate that I can truthily get excited about!

If I lived in SC, I would totally be participating in the petition drive to get Stephen Colbert on the primary ballot. For both parties.

I just realized that the candidate has the same initials as the state in which he is waging his campaign. Coincidence? I think not.

Alas, I don't think I'd be able to actually vote for him in good conscience, however much happier he makes me than any of the other candidates. (Okay; I know that sentence doesn't work. But you know what I mean.) The slogan for The Daily Show/Colbert Report coverage of the 2008 presidential election is "Indecision 2008: Don't F@#k This Up America." And I think it would, in fact, constitute "f@#king this up" to vote for a fake candidate in a real primary, especially an early primary like SC that actually stands to make a difference in the selection.

(I'm actually somewhat relieved to be in a late-primary state, because it absolves me from the sense of responsibility for actually participating in the selection of a major-party candidate. By the time we vote here in NC, the tickets will probably already be locked up.)

For ongoing updates on why I Heart Colbert (And So Should You), I recommend The WORD: A Colbert Blog for Catholic It-Getters.


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