Things about my new home that take some getting used to

1. There is a huge difference between having one's bearings and being an adept local navigator. I haven't gotten lost yet, in the sense that I've always known the general direction of both home and wherever it is that I'm trying to get to. But knowing where something is and knowing how to get there from here are sometimes two different things. I probably add half again as much time onto any trip figuring out things like where one can and can't make U or left turns and which roads abruptly end half a block before delivering you to your destination. But I'm learning my way around.

2. The public radio schedule. Many of the same programs as out east, but at completely different times. If it weren't for Morning Edition and All Things Considered anchoring the workday, I'd be thoroughly disoriented.

3. Getting carded when buying canned air at Wal*Mart, but not when buying wine at the 99 Cents Store. I know, I know -- when you see wine at the 99 Cents Store, that is a signal to run, not walk, in the opposite direction. Sheer morbid curiosity got the better of me. As for the canned air, I can only imagine that this means juvenile delinquents have come up with some creative nefarious use for canned air. Is it possible to get high off of canned air? That morbid curiosity is getting stirred up again...

4. Wondering where my grandfather keeps the lemon juice, then remembering: he keeps it in the lemons. On the tree. In the front yard.


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