Ventura County Bibliophile Checklist

Work in progress, drawn primarily from the Ventura County Reporter's feature on "Best Places to Study in Ventura County."


Bart's Books, 302 W Matilija St. "World's Greatest Outdoor Bookstore"
Twice Sold Tales, 121 W Ojai Ave. (12-5, daily)


Ventura College Library, 4667 Telegraph Road (wireless internet avail.)
Zoey's Cafe, 451 E. Main St. (odd hours, reasonable prices, free wireless, eclectic live music in evenings)
Zaytoon Tavern, 1070 E. Front St., Unit A (Labanese restaurant)


The Experimental Cafe, 401 S. A St. (free wireless, live music)
Mandalay Beach, 1601 South Harbor Blvd


Palermo Coffee, 2364 Ventura Blvd (free wireless)
Bookworm, 2155 Ventura Blvd (indy bookstore)
Camarillo Branch, Ventura County Library, 4101 Las Posas Road
CSUCI Library, One University Drive

Thousand Oaks

Thousand Oaks Library, 1401 E Jones Road (nonresidents must pay for card)
"...the grandest public library in East County. . . . Convenient location adjacent to a wonderful and huge park. . . . Almost feels like a library back East. Almost."
The Book Bag, 202 N. Skyline Dr. (independent nonprofit shop, supports literacy)
[Cal Lutheran Library -- closed to general public.]


Angel said...

My dear, there is also always the beach. Its worth investing in a good chair, and find a nice spot, park yourself and read... errm, I mean sleep. :) Glad to hear that you are enjoying The Motherland (err, California).

(its Angela here, just in case you did not recognize my google ID)

leslie ruth said...

I tagged you! I'm intrigued to hear your randomness, especially in the midst of your new adventure in CA :)

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