We had the one-month post-op appointment with GrandDad's eye doctor, who declared the right eye right and properly healed. This was particularly welcome news since he had experienced a sharp pain in the surgery eye on Saturday evening, but it seems that that was most likely due to a stray eyelash getting stuck in the eye the wrong way. The doc gave us plain old artificial tears to remedy any future attacks. At the one-week post-op check up, GrandDad's vision was 20/40, a marked improvement over his pre-op 20/120 blur. But there was still some swelling at that point. Now, his vision has improved all the way to 20/20 uncorrected. Not bad for 91-year-old eyes. Not to mention that it's significantly better than my vision. He's been looking around for his 50-year old reading glasses, since that's all the help he'll need to see small print now.

We're getting the left eye done on May 20 so he can have a matching set of good, clear eyes.


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