Of course I did other things in Senegal besides knit and read books!

I also played Settlers of Catan. And watched about 2/3 of season three of The West Wing -- an activity patently unworthy of a photograph.

No, seriously. We did some legitimately touristy things. And some somewhat less touristy things that naive toubabs like ourselves would have had a hard time navigating without the help of people who actually live there.

But the main point of the trip was to visit Mike and Mindee. We wanted to see their home and environs and a bit of their beloved West Africa, but more than anything we wanted to see them. They were the point; Senegal was the bonus. It was a useful mindset to have, because with only eight days in the country, we could have made ourselves miserable by trying to cram more experiences than our bodies could endure into our limited time there. As it was, we gave ourselves permission to rest and recover and enjoy what we saw and not rack up regrets about the things we didn't get to. I recommend it as a mode of vacationing.


Blogger said...

I heartily second your proposal! There's no point to having a vacation if you come home needing a vacation. Steve & I particularly love imagining that we live in a place we're visiting (minus the workaday life), and so avoiding some of the franticness of being a tourist. Glad you had a good time visiting, and loved the pictures! -- Amanda

alpineflower said...

I love me some Settlers! Gotta buy some new cards, in fact - ours are getting beat up.

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