Life keeps happening

Since last report, GrandDad has held his first great-grandchild, traveled to the heart of California's central valley and returned home by another route, endured his first cold in almost a decade (although I'm still not completely convinced that he wasn't just allergic to Fresno), rejoiced over the birth of his second great-grandchild, attended two vocal concerts and two organ recitals (okay, one was technically a church service, but we were there as organist groupies), and undergone cataract surgery on his left eye.

Me, I've done all that too, except for the cold (knock wood) and the eye surgery (I'm just the chauffeur and eye dropper). I've also joined an oral history project recording the life stories of senior adults in my church and begun prep for a Bible teaching opportunity (does scribbling a few notes to myself on the back of an envelope count as "prep"?). Plus I continue my piano practice, spend about an hour a day in the garden tending the plants we like and pulling the ones we don't (and learning to tell the difference), and have waged and aggressive and (again, knock wood -- not that I believe in knocking wood, mind you) so far apparently successful campaign to convince the local sugar ant population that there is nothing of interest to them (that they can get to) in our kitchen so they might as well move on. Oh, and I've been staking out the new thrift store that moved in right around the corner.

Life is good. I just need to find more time to blog...


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