Garden Diary

Today's Yield: 27 plums, 6 apricots, 4 pints blackberries.

Yesterday's Yield: 49 plums, 23 apricots.

Monday's Yield: 52(!) plums, 14 apricots.

Sunday's Yield: 40 plums, 16 apricots.

Saturday's Yield: 18 plums, 6 apricots, 2 pints blackberries.

Apples and loquats: beyond counting.

Speaking of which, I got a new toy!
It doesn't exactly chop, but I have affectionately dubbed it the apple chopper anyway, in honor of the unjustly maligned Laura Carrot in Larry Boy and the Fib from Outer Space:

It's Laura's fault, she broke the plate
I tried to stop her.
She said she had to demonstrate
her apple chopper.
The apple chopper worked just great
but chopped right through your bowling plate
It's Laura's fault, she broke the plate, it's true!
And that's the tale I have to tell to you.

I left it out on the kitchen table at bedtime Monday night and got up Tuesday morning to find the resident engineer examining it carefully to determine how it works. He seems to have figured it out faster than I did, which stands to reason. Soon I hope to be able to use it to get out from under the bucketloads of apples we've been accumulating. Might make applesauce.


Sarah said...

I'm absotively, posolutely jealous.


I got . . . uh, two cherry tomatoes today.

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