New Rule

When Rachel wants to go to the local library, she must walk there.

This new rule has win-win-win consequences:

1) I don't burn through $4-and-climbing gasoline on the way downtown.

2) I get exercise in the deal.

And, most importantly,

3) My book acquisition is limited to no more than I can physically carry.

The necessity of this restriction became evident about a month ago, when I went in to return a couple of nearly-due audiobooks and pick up some new ones for an impending road trip. No new ink-and-paper books! I have enough to read already!

See, though, the problem is, in order to get to the computer where you can look up the status and location of the particular audiobooks you might want, you have to walk past the New Non-Fiction display.

This is really Not Fair.

In my defense, I did only come out with one more book than I meant to get. And, since instituting the New Rule, I have even managed to emerge from the library without succumbing to the siren song of the New Non-Fiction display.

I love my library.


David and Sarah said...

I'm impressed.

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