If you missed it on Comedy Central last night, the full episode is here. (Not sure how long that link will work, so watch it sooner than later.) Transcript here.

Alas, no creeds. No specific Bible verses, although particular biblical imagery came up. And the word "medieval" doesn't count as an invocation of a medieval theologian. But was I right or was I right about the over-the-top but metaphysically relevant objection? ("Won't it be crowded?")

Major props to Bp Wright for hammering the point about us being participants in the new creation in the here and now by feeding the hungry and other works of mercy. If you're media savvy, you know going in to these kinds of appearances that you're only really going to get the chance to make one point, and that was the one to choose. As far as advancing the mission of the church goes, you don't really want an in-house debate between an Anglican and a Catholic about Christian eschatology on the Colbert Report. (I would enjoy that, but I'm weird that way.)

There's a part of me that thinks it would have been more fun if Stephen had been a little less respectful. I'm still thinking the richest piece of theological discourse I've ever witnessed on Colbert is this one. (Warning: the part of this interview that makes it so awesome involves one highly offensive vocabulary word.)


SnakeWoman said...

Hi Rachel! Liz (Klausman) Shively here. Thanks SO MUCH for posting the link to the NT Wright episode! It's such a breath of fresh air to see two intelligent, funny, creative folks discussing vibrant aspects of Christian faith, right there on a show watched by so many thinking people. (Loved the Cookie Monster segments too.) I also enjoyed the clip about the Lucifer effect, though I wished the discussion could have lasted longer. Still, it's good that Colbert can sometimes manage to pack so much into such short interviews, especially since it allows him to reach a wider audience.

Thanks for your blog. I enjoy reading your thoughts and observations, and it's good to get updates on how you're doing. Take care!

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