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I've started using Tumblr to tag things that I find interesting but about which I don't feel the need to clutter up the blogosphere with my own commentary. Problem was I didn't bother to tell anyone about my tumblog, so basically I've been sending my links out into empty cyberspace. I've been meaning to figure out how to embed the feed here, but, well, I didn't get around to it until today.

Turns out it was ridiculously easy to embed the feed in my sidebar. Much less time than it took to get my cobbled-together button for the 100 Species Challenge up and running. If only I'd known.

Anyway. The top right item in my sidebar now features the 5 most recent links I've tagged on tumblog. You'll have to click through a redundant link to get to the article itself, but, well, there you go. If you are reading this on a feedreader and/or would like to skip the redundant link by checking my tumblog directly, you can find it here: It's not much to look at, but I promise it will take you some interesting places.

This is a tiny little bit of my master plan blog redesign, which is proceeding with all the haste of my unpacking and putting away my last half dozen boxes from my move a half dozen months ago. (Actually, I got two more boxes emptied last week ... but that was after three solid months of neglect.) If you're really patient, I just might get around to the rest of it.


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