Other things to do with surplus apples

  • Onion and apple soup. (Now, where'd I put that recipe? It's tucked away in one of my cookbooks no doubt.)
  • Turkey-apple meatloaf. Would have been dinner tonight, but I overslept my Sunday afternoon nap, so now it's dinner tomorrow night.
  • Feed the birds.

And in case you might be wondering what the heck I'm doing with an overload of apples so early in the summer in a part of the country generally considered to be too warm to be hospitable to apples, we've got two Anna apple trees, which were specially bred for our mediterranean climate. I'm not sure of the variety of the other three apple trees in the yard.

In other gardening news, we enjoyed the first nectarine of the season today.

GrandDad had mentioned a couple days ago that the birds were starting to find them and they looked to be approaching ripeness, and I found the first ready-to-drop specimen this afternoon. Sweet and juicy and a bit different in flavor from our other fruit. Further reason to process more of the apple harvest, to make room in the kitchen and refrigerator for the nectarines. Applesauce tonight!


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