We got yer fruit

The fig crop is tapering off.  I have made about four batches of fig jam, and will probably cook up that many again to make use of the fruit that are not really in good enough shape to eat fresh but still too nice to dump straight on the compost pile.  I think I'll experiment with a batch of fig-strawberry guava jam: the strawberry guavas have a distinctive tang to them that makes them not especially pleasant to eat raw in large quantities, but which I imagine might add a nice twist to the fig confection.

The pineapple guava, on the other hand, produces fruit that is quite pleasant to eat raw in large quantities.  Which is a good thing, since we have large quantities of said fruit.

The apple tree and tangerine bush on the east side of the house are also bearing yummy fruit right now.

I think we've harvested most of the grapes, but there may be a few bunches still growing on the roof.

And today we had the season's first persimmon.

Last night as he brought in two more buckets of fresh fruit, GrandDad wondered aloud what sorts of fruit the Garden of Eden might have produced.  I imagine it might have been something like this yard.  Only without the zucchini blight.  


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