Working Lunch

There's a big white board at the front of the jury assembly room with the number of cases requesting trial for the day posted on it, and the number of cases remaining written underneath. If the bottom number reaches zero before 5 p.m., we get to go home early.

The top number is 97, which they told us is a relatively busy day. A very busy day can go as high as 130 cases requesting jury trial. There are 12 courtrooms in this complex, so that suggests something about the proportion of cases that get settled at the last minute. 

When we left for lunch an hour and a half ago, the bottom number was still at 97. When we got back, it was down to 35. Either the jury services folk are a little lax about updating the board, or a lot of settlements and/or continuences got hammered out while we were eating. Or maybe both.

So far today, they've called up panels for two cases.


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