I forgot to mention the grapes

Grandparents' houses ought to have mysterious and magical nooks and crannies that invite a child's imagination into another time or place.
This house fills that obligation in spades.
The most magical part of this household is the avocado tree, with a canopy that cuts out the outside world and a network of branches that easily become a house, a fort, or a pirate ship.
Less suitable to play, but still marvelous in its otherworldliness, is the Rock Room: so called, I believe, because its original purpose was to house my grandmother's lapidary equipment. It's a lean-to built off the side of the garage with fiberglass sheeting for walls. The rock equipment is still there on a lower shelf, but now the room functions mainly as a potting shed and catch-all for garden odds and ends. Besides the chairs hanging from the ceiling, which always reminded me of the floating tea party scene from Mary Poppins, there is an antique push-mower (which only seems mysterious and special if you don't have to use it) and a bullhorn-style speaker hanging in the corner for no apparent reason.
The best thing about the Rock Room is the way the grape vines growing around that side of the house have wound their way inside, giving it the air of a tropical greenhouse. While the Rock Room grapes get less direct sunlight than the outdoor grapes, they get more warmth, and so mature faster. They outside grapes are still green, but those dangling from the ceiling of the Rock Room have turned deep purple.


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