The Valentine's Day feature in our local alternative weekly started out with this taxonomy:

As the holiday of love approaches, singles everywhere are doing one of four things: 1.) pouting, saying such a celebration is only about commercialism; 2.) ignoring it and acting as though it’s just another day; 3.) wondering if there is a possibility that an ex will come back; or 4.) looking for love — be it on the Internet, out on the town, in the office (eyeing attractive co-workers) or right here in the VCReporter.

They missed an important option:

5.) using the day as an excuse/opportunity to show love to others, especially those who might not find the holiday a happy occasion.

Although the title of the event makes me cringe, I'm switching from observing Valentine's Day to observing Pantipalooza, an annual celebration hosted at Mindy's blog. It is based on and named for the founder's practice of donating panties to a women's shelter in gratitude for the oft-taken-for-granted comfort of fresh clean underwear, but she invites participants to customize the event: "choose some woman, women or a women's group that can benefit from something you can donate or do [and then] do just that!"


The Muser (aka Beautiful Mama) said...

Brilliant! Hmmm...I'll have to think about where to donate...What group did you choose?

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