FFW 2012 Notes, Addendum

About those books you are inevitably going to purchase:

Assuming you are flying, and assuming that airline baggage regs are not going to shift again in the next two years, and assuming that you're trying to avoid the fee to check baggage and so are bringing one carry-on bag and one "personal item" (voluminous laptop bag, backpack, or the like) on the plane ...

Put as many of your new books as will fit in your "personal item," which will go on the floor under the seat in front of you, rather than in the carry-on bag, which must be hoisted into the overhead bin. This is less convenient for walking around the airport, but is worth it for that all-important moment of lifting the bigger of your two bags up over your head.

When you do hoist said carry-on into the overhead bin, take the time to lift with your legs and balance the load between both arms. Do not feel so rushed by the repeated PA announcements urging you to step out of the aisle and let other passengers through that you fail to practice good body mechanics.

Should you forget this advice, or for all your care still manage to pull a muscle in your back, Advil and a heating pad are wonderful things.

Don't ask me how I know this.

It only hurts anymore when I first wake up.


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