Poetry for Mother's Day

(Thanks, Pastor Ted, for reminding me of this poem by reading it in yesterday's sermon.)

(From the beautiful little book linked here, sadly, but predictably, out of print. It's worth your while to track down a copy, even if you don't generally read much poetry. An excerpt:)

... For several months in 1953
they took a turn at toddler care (the walls
were bright and signs proclaimed The Manger Room)
until a woman new at Prince of Peace
in thoughtless haste removed a squirming child
from Rachel's fumbling efforts with a pin
as if to say, "Here, this is how we do
it if we've had our own." Then once again
it fell to Fred, while coarse tears seared her face,
to carefully explain that they, years past,
had once a son whose life was lost at war. ...

(Mark A. Noll, 1997)


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