This YouTube video is making the rounds on Facebook, where I ignored it the first couple of times it popped up in my feed because it's a COMMERCIAL and I can't be bothered to voluntarily devote three minutes of my time (more like 5-6 minutes with buffering) to watch an ad, especially for a product that I'm not going to be in the market for for a couple more years.

When I finally watched it, the experience was something like reading poetry -- a blessed compulsion to slow down the rush of life and breathe in beauty and gratuitous creativity.  Who has time to watch a three minute commercial?  One in which the action doesn't really get started until somewhere after the 30 second mark -- i.e., the point at which most commercials are over?  Who, for that matter, has time to engineer, and then set up, an elaborate instrument like this, in celebration of music, of nature, of the simple element of wood?

I don't read enough poetry.  But I'm thankful for a few minutes of delight, courtesy, of all things, a Japanese cell phone commercial.


Betsy B. Honest said...

Love it.

God Bless, Japan.

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