Just another day

Hating Valentine's Day has gotten tedious.

Some years, it's an act of self-affirmation and a sign of solidarity with all the other single (or, for that matter, unhappily coupled) people out there to rage against the commercial juggernaut of candy, flowers, cards, and overpriced, overcrowded dinners out.  Indignation is at least healthier than moping.

This year, though, I didn't really feel the need to either mope or rage.

I made a donation in the spirit of Panty Palooza to Lifewater International.

I enjoyed the geeky Valentine's messages and memes my friends posted on facebook,

I took bacon to my friends' chocolate fondue party, and was gratified that it was a smash hit.

I had dinner with girlfriends on Tuesday, which was a fine and pleasant evening, but I didn't feel like it was really necessary to distract myself from the date, as though being home alone on Valentine's Day would have been a terrible thing.  

I went out the day after to try to score some discounted chocolate, only to find that most of the stores had already completely cleared out the red and pink displays and replaced them with the yellow and purple Easter promotions (and it's not even Lent yet!).  I did, however, find some 50% off chocolate at Vons and some 30-50% off chocolate at Target.

I try to be mindful of the approach of Valentine's Day, even when it doesn't bug me as much as at has in other years, because I'm aware that there are people I care about for whom the day is painful, and I want to try to encourage them.  But sometimes, I think, it's nice to let February 14 be just another day.


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