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So, there are a lot of bad theological habits embedded in evangelical popular piety.  And often (for me, at least), a person can run into some such expression and feel like there's something just not right about it, but be hesitant to quibble because it seems petty or unspiritual to object to something that's couched in pious-sounding language.  That's probably the reason I so appreciate it when I come across a turn of phrase that does an especially good job of naming just what is wrong about certain ways of thinking/speaking/acting, as I have several times in the last couple of days. To wit:

"Romantic Prosperity Gospel" -- the myth that trusting in God and sexual obedience guarantees the reward of an out-of-this-world romantic marriage experience.

"Spiritual Incantations" --  quoting snippets of scripture out of context in the hopes that applying the Word of God to an unrelated situation will compel God to act the way we want him to.

“Thou shalt not use the name of thy Lord and Savior as a tool for passive-aggressive manipulation!"-- the best response to those religious chain letters/memes that imply that the reader is a bad Christian if s/he doesn't pass on the spam.


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